Skull, 22nd of may.
A Study. 
A Study. hello everyone :)
An exercise I did today using my wacom. hello everyone, goodevening/goodmorning :)
There would come, like water washing over a sunken buoy, the little knell of sadness —Hortense Calisher. 

In short: Reblogs and Likes of this picture are each entries to have me paint a personalized portrait of you.
In slightly less short: Longtime followers are no stranger to these contests but for those new to this or me, I’m an illustrator (my work: ) who has worked with National Geographic, Janelle Monáe, Childish Gambino, FX, Game Informer, Angry Birds, Wall Street Journal, among others – creating album and magazine covers, advertisements, and posters – but a big part of me being able to do all that has been you sharing my work over the last 3 years. As my small way of paying that forward, I’d like to paint for one of you as I would for my clients, but ya know … for free. Maybe you want that regal portrait of you in a velvet smoking jacket to hang over your mantel, maybe one of your loved one, favorite character, or perhaps you just want me to paint you however I see fit (warning: this will 100% involve dinosaurs) – if you can think it, I’ll probably paint it – and I’ll work with you to make it something special.
As usual I’ll also be sending signed prints and haikus about your eyebrows to extra winners. The contest will stay open for about a week then I’ll randomly draw winners. You can enter on facebook and twitter for extra entries but be cool and don’t spam your followers.
Self portrait.

Tonight I got the answer.

this thing was going in my mind for days now, I wont mention what it is but I’ll just say that it is about my family. few days from now wednesday if I am right. someone broke into our house in mindoro, very drunk, and angry man came in and started to smash things in our house. I asked one of our employee what is the reason of our driver (the man who attacked) to do such things, “I don’t know. I wasn’t there” he replying to me. which is very reasonable because it happened late night. so I  came to my father and asked what happened really happened. but he just ignored my question which is a clear sign that he didn’t want to talk about it.

Though from then I already know what is really happening. 

This is what I found out. when a woman caught her boy cheating she will ask you if it’s true. right? because she wants assurance to what she saw, though she caught her boy red handed, she’ll still ask if what she knows is true because a part of her is hoping that it’s not. though she already know the answer she’ll ask. because she loves the boy and she don’t want to lose him. so a part of her was hoping that she’s wrong.

That’s what I was feeling, until tonight, I was hoping my speculations about the incident was wrong. because if I was right I might lose someone very important to my life.  and I really don’t want that.

But the clock stopped ticking and my assumptions was right. and I wish I can resolve this. because right now life is giving me lemons. and I don’t have a fucking juicer. 

a 15 min quick drawing for the sake of starting a new artwork. venus of willendorf everyone.